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Estimate LibNavigator advantages!

A handy tool for bibliographic data retrieval in the library catalogues. Provide the access to the full-text on-line documents. Facilitates your work on bibliography.

Work with the library Z39.50-servers

A specialized software (Z39.50-client, which is the bibliographic browser LibNavigator) must be used to access many library catalogues, placed in the Z39.50-servers.

Access to hundreds of electronic library catalogues worldwide

LibNavigator allows you, being at work or home, to retrieve information in the electronic catalogues on the Internet by the Z39.50 protocol. LibNavigator distribution kit contains more than 1300 addresses of the electronic catalogues of libraries, museums and on-line collections around the world.

Search for full-text editions in the electronic collections

You can search for full-text editions in the electronic collections and access the full-text documents by "one click".

Handy tool to work with bibliography

Are you working on an article, report, thesis? Do you need to compile bibliography? Or to find an abstract? LibNavigator will help you! The bulk of needed information can be found and used in your work.

Ease of viewing the bibliographic description

Due to LibNavigator you needn't get used to the specific character of bibliographic formats. Bibliographical records are given in different, easy to perceive formats and can be printed. Using different filters, you can quickly sort out all bibliographic descriptions according to their sources, subject headings etc.

Easy bibliography resource listing

Tree-type bibliography resource listing allows to sort them on the basis of their territorial or subject features. The resources you use more frequently can be added to the "Favorites" list.

Opportunity to choose a search form

In your work you can use one of three search forms, each has its own functional peculiarities and sphere of application.

Bibliography list update from the LibNavigator site

LibNavigator Support Service constantly updates the resource list (available at www.libnavigator.com). You can easily update your own list of catalogues synchronizing it with the resource lists directly at LibNavigator.

Easy way to save data

You can save all found and selected bibliographic descriptions to the disk for your future work. You can extract selected entries to "the basket", which automatically saves the data when you don't work with LibNavigator.

Unicode universality

There are no language limits with LibNavigator! Unicode allows you to retrieve information around the world.